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MELANIE A. Lives in Maylands, WA 7 years ExperienceFemale
Melanie-AristidouThe reason I started this tutoring is I believe every child is capable of being excellent no matter the circumstances. It takes a tutor with more t.. Read More

Tutor Area covered: Perth, Read More
$75 per hour

Tutor Subject:English, ESL, ESL, Essay-Writing, Maths, Reading, Customer-Service, Presentation-Skills, Read More..

JAY PARK Lives in NSW 2 years ExperienceFemale
no imageI can help you with everything :) just ask me :)! Read More

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$35 per hour

Tutor Subject:ESL, Geography, Maths, Psychology, Business-Studies, Dancing-Other, HipHop-Dancing, Western-Dancing, Read More..