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KATHRYN H. Lives in Sydney, NSW 30 years ExperienceFemale
Kathryn-HarrisUnited Hemispheres Services is a network of professionals, offering the highest quality of educational and training services to people and businesses .. Read More

Tutor Area covered: Sydney West, Sydney South, Sydney North, Campbelltown - Campden, Read More
$20 per hour

Tutor Subject:Biology, Chemical-Engineering, Chemistry, English, ESL, ESL, Essay-Writing, Geography, Read More..

MOHAMED M. Lives in Canberra, ACT 7 years ExperienceMale
Mohamed-MabrokMohamed Mabrok received his B.Sc in Applied Mathematics from University of Suez Canal, Egypt in 2003. In 2008, he was awarded the Partnership and Owne.. Read More

Tutor Area covered: Canberra, Read More
$40 per hour

Tutor Subject:Electrical-Engineering, Maths, Physics, Computing, General-IT, Arabic, Read More..