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About me
Who am I: Hi there, my name is Daniel Darmawirya and I am currently running my own private tutoring, Sistematic Academia.

More about myself: I’m currently in my third year of uni at UNSW doing my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Masters of Biomedical Engineering. I graduated from Girraween High School in 2014.
Tutoring for: 3 years
Experience details : Which subjects I have to offer: At the moment I’ll be offering only maths help and lessons (I could help in science maybe, but only requested in class).

Why tutoring: Not every child/student is the type to learn by themselves. No one isn’t smart, they just don’t have the motivation to try, practice and keep on learning. Even if one wasn’t smart, with enough practice, help and guidance they’ll be better. My aim is to effectively be a support for students who have burning questions that are probably unable to be asked to their teachers (maybe because they’re shy) and to be able to assist them in improving in their knowledge, understanding and grades.

Where/Location: I’m located in the Hills area, specifically Beaumont Hills. If I were to travel, I would prefer around here, Kellyville, Castle Hill and Rouse Hiil (preferably at the library). But I would prefer to do it at my house.

When/Time allocations: My available times are only Monday and Friday from 4-9. Saturdays will be open once all the time slots are filled. These will be 1 hour classes starting from 4.

How classes will work: There will be 8 slots available at the moment. A one hour class may be done for a student as lessons or for help with the topic they’re learning at school. If I ever do get requests from more than 8 students, I might have to combine students who are in the same grade. There will be no more than 3 students per class and I shall warn you again once we start.

In regards with homework, I’ll try to give a sheet on the topic we’re learning and a general problem sheet; I won’t guarantee I’ll give both. It should be answered on a separate sheet of paper and given in the next week to be checked.

Subjects I Tutor

Areas I Cover
Hills District - NSW

Tutorial Delivery
Home VisitPublic Library

Minimum Hourly Rate ($): 25
Charges Additional Information : How much/Pricing: This can be subject to change. I’m not really expecting any primary school students - but primary would be $20/h. Year 7-10 would be $25/h. Year 11-12 Mathematics 2 unit would be $30/h. Year 11-12 Extension would be $35/h. This is the typical flat rate for one-on-one or for a class. $5 discount can be applied for a family/friends of more than one student. If you apply during January or mid-June-mid-July, there will be a $1 off for next 2 months (from Jan-March or June/July-August/September). If you require me to travel, discounts may still apply, but I will charge an extra $3 for travels cost.

Additional Contact Information
Phone: +61413150467
My Website: https://sistematicacademia.tumblr.com

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