• 2014
  • Mar
  • 25


Here are our top ten tips to help you get through your exams

1. Find out about the exam

Know your enemy – find out as much as you can about the exam.
• How much is the exam worth to your overall mark in the subject?
• What type of exam is it? Is it a multiple choice, open-book or take-home exam?
• Will there be a choice of questions or tasks?
• How much will each question or task be worth?

2. Ask for help

Don’t feel bad if you need to ask for help. Talk to your teacher or lecturer and pick the brains of other students. Take additional help from private tutors if required.

3. Understand your subject material

Check that you have all your notes and material relevant for exam. Read course outline clearly and make your own summaries and note were possible. It helps in last minute revisions.

4. Check past exam papers

Past exams are very helpful to understand the layout and type of questions you might aspect in exam.

5. Don’t cram

Stick to what you already know when studying the night before an exam. Review your notes or test yourself on key points only. Don’t try to learn and cram for information last minute it will make you nervous before exam.

6. Keep your cool

Don’t talk to other students about the exam before the exam. It could confuse you or make you lose confidence in yourself. The same goes for after the exam.

7. Use your reading time

Use your reading time efficiently. Break the sections and questions down to what you know and what you don’t. Start with questions you know the answer and you are confident of from highest mark to lowest.

Attempt all questions as there is no harm in trying, you might get some additional marks.

8. Review your performance

While there’s no use stressing out over an exam you’ve already done, it is always helpful to revise what you have written. You might come cross questions or two might need some extra information, it does boost your score.

9. Be Cool

Be relaxed before after the exams. give your 100% and you will be alright.

10. Come up with your own strategies

Finally, these tips are only some of the things that you can do to get the most out of your exams. There might be other things that work even better for you.

Please suggest some of your own tips